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Hello,first: this is NOT a App! This is more an advice/hint including a video of how to delete the datacorrectly from your phone to e.g. sell or give away the phone without being afraid of the data storage on the phone. (By myself I bought some phones and I always found pics of the former owner.)Based on the comments I read about some apps, I could see that users are not glad about the software solution bought and used in apps so far thats why I startet this app of information how to do it correctly.
So, if you want to know how you can remove all sensible data on your phone than try this app. If you make a research in the internet you can also collect all the informations (but may take same time).
The only thing you need to accomplish the work is a 'PC with Windows system'. The free software will follow in the app as described with text and video easily.
[Currently I'm not implementing the algorithm for android devices of making data not restorable. But testing stays neccassary by windows pc because of recovering program which is not availablefor Android so far, as far as I know. And I recommend always testing for 1000% (maximal important).Currently I'm not having the time. I hope it will happen still September 2013.]
Of course for questions you can contact me.Kind regards.Dan.